When success is not possible without planing for failures.

BASE jump record off the world’s tallest building! tallest building!

GENNEX' featured keynote speakers Fred Fugen and Vincent Reffet took BASE jumping higher than ever before in Dubai.

It's a new BASE jump world record - 828m off the famous Burj Khalifa in Dubai, more well known as the world's tallest building, and unlike some recent building BASE-jumping adventures, this one wasn't illegal. After weeks of training at Skydive Dubai, Fred Fugen and Vincent Reffet BASE jumped into history.

Careful planing, great teamwork, excellence in execution and an open mind to envision what is possible - Fred and Vince proved once again moved the limits.

At GENNEX 2018, September 6+7 in Dübendorf, Zürich, Switzerland, they will share breathtaking pictures and amazing stories from their most recent project "The Door in the Sky" and get us to think again about how many carefully managed failures we might need to accept on our way to success in sports, art and also business.