"The Soul Flyers"

Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen.

'The Door in the Sky.'

Vince Reffet is considered a pioneer of modern parachuting. Together with aerial partner Fred Fugen. The duo - serial freefall world champions - has been pushing the limits of freefall and freefly.

Major achievements include:

2009: Winner of the Word Games – in Kaoshing (Taiwan)
2008: World Champion – in Maubeuge (France)
2006: World Champion – in Gera (Germany)
2005: Winner of the World Games – in Duisburg (Germany)
           Winner of the World Cup – in Eloy (USA)
2004: World Champion – in Boituva (Brasil)

«When we started training, we thought it would be easier. But then we realised it was complicated and very mental. You had to be fully focused, with aiming targets.»  (Fred Fugen)