Mike Gault

CEO and Founder of Guardtime, Enterprise Blockchain.

The race for the next Billion-Dollar-Business Idea!


Guardtime's KSI Blockchain platform is used in production around the world for enterprise, telecom and government solutions. The company was founded in Estonia in 2007, where its products are used to underpin Estonian digital society. Example solutions that the company has built, working with industry partners, include GDPR compliance as a service, physical anti-counterfeit, marine insurance data exchange, physical supply chain track and trace, digital content management, software lifecycle management, critical infrastructure protection and health-care interoperability. Mike has a PhD in the “Numerical Analysis of Advanced Semiconductor Devices” and prior to founding Guardtime spent 10 years in financial services as a quantitative analyst and derivatives trader.

“Google organizes the world's information and makes it universally available.  Guardtime's mission is to validate that information and make it universally reliable.”

Guardtime is currently active in two major geographies, Europe and United States helping governments and their telecommunication partners design and build a secure, resilient and transparent digital society.